About Us

So, we love masticating juicers, simply for all the good reasons you love them too. As a result of our love for masticating juicers, compared to centrifugal and other types of juicers, we decided to write about them, and we absolutely love it.

We’ve had quite a few masticating juicers in the past few years. Because we are juicing enthusiasts, we didn’t just buy all of these juicers because we needed them. We bought some of them for testing purposes.

We wanted to see how they would compare to other brands and models we’ve used in the past. This led to us getting a bit obsessed and doing lots of tests to figure out which ones are worth the money.

After gaining all of this knowledge and experience, we figured – why not share it with others since not everyone has the time, money, patience, or will to carry out these tests and most people just buy the first juicer they see that looks good.

So, with this website, we aim to help you avoid the lower quality masticating/slow/cold-press juicers and help you select the best.

My name is Anita and my partner is Mike. We both run this blog and have a vested interest in making it the top resource for information on masticating juicers.

We collaborate during the review of any of the products we mention or recommend on this blog. We come together, run the tests together, share ideas, knowledge, observations, and more.

Once all that is completed, we write articles based on this knowledge and share them with you. But, what do we get out of all this?

Well, our intention is to help you get the best products, first and foremost. However, we are supported by purchases made through our product links in every review article on this website.

This means that we get a cut of your payment when you make a purchase, but this doesn’t affect the price of your order in any way, and it also doesn’t influence our choice of products to recommend.

We are unbiased in our product ratings and reviews, you so you can read and follow our recommendations with 100% confidence that you’re spending your money on the right product.

If you have any questions, we are only an email away.